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Set of 10  English Chippendale Chairs 8 Chippendale Style Dining Chairs Pair of English Chippendale Chairs Pair of Louis XVI Style Chairs chair Pair of Continental Chairs Pair of Walnut Arm Chairs Pair of French Arm Chair Empire Stye Chair Pair of Late 19th Century Walnut Chairs Pair of Louis XVI Style Chairs Pair of French Armchairs Pair of Important Gilded French Style Chairs Pair of Armchairs Pair of Mahogany Empire Style Chairs Leather Chair Set of Regency Chairs Pair of Armchairs Italian Chairs Geo III Chair English Chair PR Geo III Chairs PR Bergeres French Armchairs French Chairs L XVI Chairs Geo III Chair L XV Style Chairs Portuguese Chairs L XVI Chairs Bergere Chairs Beidermier Armchairs Bergeres L XVI Chairs Geo III Chairs L XI Chairs Shieldback Chair Highchair American Windsor Chair Adams Style Chair Geo III Chair Desk Chair Geo III Chair French Entrance Salon 8 Piece Harlequin Set French Chez Country Chairs English Hall Chairs L XVI Style Chairs L XVI Style Chairs Metamorphic Chair/Steps English 18th Century Elm Comb Back Corner Chair English Settee Set of 6 Irish Chippenda Chairs c. 1740 Set of 6 Period Chairs Upholstered Armchair Metamorphic Chair